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Nelson Mandela said of Dot Com, “if we were all imbued with the same spirit of caring. the world would be a safer place for children”.

“The Dot Com programme is a universal safeguarding tool which helps every child and highlights those children who need a more targeted intervention”, Dwynwen Stepian, Early Intervention and Family Support Croydon< 2013.

What are the benefits of the resource?

The Dot Com resource is a recommended PSHSE resource supported by the Home Office. It is a ‘safeguarding tool’ to raise awareness and keep pupils safe from the dangers of abuse, sexual exploitation, radicalisation, FGM and extremism. It promotes children’s rights and fundamental British values. The programme will undoubtedly, help schools comply with the new Statutory guidance Keeping_children_safe_in_education and will give schools evidence that the children are being taught how to stay safe. The school can use this as part of their statutory risk assessment and as evidence for OFSTED that they are preparing children for life.

    • An average two children in every primary school class has suffered abuse and neglect and most cases go undetected
    • 23,000 sexual offences were recorded against children 2012/2013
    • One in three children who are abused by an adult don’t tell anyone
    • One million children live with domestic violence and are either physically attacked or forced to watch or listen
    • A third of all children live in poverty – 3.5 million

What do we offer?

Staff training, High quality journals for the children, Lesson plans and classroom activities, Multi-media clips/short films, External speaker support/facilitation, Free Website access

Secondary school resources

4 series of age appropriate episodical films, 2 series of film clips with supporting journals, FGM film, Mini documentaries on issues which support the soap operas ie domestic violence, forced marriage, community cohesion, self-harm, A bespoke feature length film  which looks at community cohesion, organised crime and radicalisation.

The resource was endorsed by Secretary of State for Education 2010 Created with National Children’s Bureau Advisers.

RT Hon Ed Balls MP- Secretary of State – statement of support


Has the programme been evaluated?

February 2017 -Gloucester healthy living & learning team ( GHLL )   Evaluation report of the Dot Com pilot-2

Oxford 2014 – Independent Evaluation by Citadel Policy & Communications Ltd. DotCom evaluation Oxford Aug14 (2)

2013: A report  commissioned by the West Midlands Police on behalf of the Birmingham Community Safety Partnership to evaluate the effective use of the resource.  Independent Evaluation by Citadel Policy & Communications Ltd. VVV evaluation Birmingham Sept13

Independent Evaluation by Citadel Policy & Communications Ltd.  VVV evaluation Croydon Aug13-1

2011: How can we tell if we’ve made a difference? A report written to assist central and local government, funders and delivery agencies. how-can-we-tell-evaluation-final-version

2009:  Evaluation by Dr. Cliff Davies & Dr. M. Suzanne Zeedyk Craigatin Psychological Services.

The core message that seems to be emerging from this work is that the children and young
people involved come to the conclusion that they are best able to keep themselves safe by
looking out for the safety of others. Building stronger relationships with others improves their
own sense of safety. And the programmes empower the children by giving them knowledge
about how they can actively create such environments and relationships – through actions
such as kindness, respect, and friendship. To read the full report click on the link below

Evaluation Summary by Dr Suzanne Zeedyke

Evaluation by civil servant volunteers in the Office of Fair Trading 2007

Evaluation 2005: National Children’s Bureau and evaluation October 2005. An evaluation which explored the impact of the programme on pupils and teachers.

Evaluation 2003/4: Cabinet Office Pathways Project, an evaluation by civil servants on the ‘top management ‘programme. Each school had been using the resource for a minimum of 3 months and 100 schools were contacted.

  1. Magazine article  Forever and Dot Com_educational     2. Brochure   Forever  3. Presentation February 2017  DOT_COM-Forever_February2017

What do we do?

An overview of Dot Com

Education Information Pack – June 2016

Press pack information for Dot Com launch

Press Pack Birmingham 4th June 2015

TRAINING: Powerpoint presentation slides -see below

Backup of DOT_COM_THURROCK;2017

Letter of support from Head Teacher

Letter from Nina Achenbach, Head of School at Whitehorse Manor Junior SchoolInterim impact assessment – Croydon

Letter from Prime Minister

Downing_Street 2007

Why have the police supported the programme?

    • Former ACPO President Sir Hugh Orde has been a major supporter with his wife Lady Dee Orde
    • Children learn the value of the emergency services.
    • Key safety messages linked to the National Curriculum are delivered to help prevent Child Abuse Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) Domestic Violence (DV) Gang culture (EGYV) Knife and Gun Crime (Kinsella Report / TKAP) Terrorism (PREVENT) Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)
    • Read about the excellent work of   WP745 PCSO Adam Roscorla-2
    • A report written by the lead police officer overseeing the implementation of the programme in Birmingham  West-Mids Police-Dot_Com Impact Statement copy

What is the feedback from schools?

In May 2013 Ofsted detailed in their recent report ‘Not yet good enough: personal, social, health and economic education in schools’ that – ‘In just under half of the schools, pupils learnt how to keep themselves safe in a variety of situations, but not all had practised negotiating risky situations …’ Dorothy.Com certainly met this finding. Have a go, you’ll be hooked. Hazel Pulley Headteacher & Ofsted Inspector Parkfield Community School.

The programme is implemented in;

PPA –  Planning, Preparation and Assessment time

Religious Education SMSC

Teaching of British Values

CROSS CURRICULAR ie Art, literacy, ICT

Case study Birmingham primary school   Case study – Paget Primary School   Paget Primary School – Teachers feedback from Dorothy Dot Com case study (1)

Birmingham Head teachers brochure

The programme has been extended to parent sessions  Slade School – FVJ Parent sessions (Evaluation and feedback)

Birmingham Press Pack



How did it start?

10yr dot com brochure Fin version4

core ideology_FinV2016 (1)


How does the charity raise money?

The charity has hosted a number of prestigious events with support from our patron Kristina Rhianoff

Dot_Com_Glossy Brochure from Mansion Hse Sept 2015