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To review two of the most popular journals here, simply click on the titles below:

Year 3 – This is My Adventure

This journal introduces Dot’s friends and family as well as other adults that she can turn to, especially in emergency situations. Children have a right to be safe all the time. This journal helps develop emotional vocabulary and safe language. Children learn that they can talk with someone about anything even if it seems unimportant or feels awful. Feelings are simply feelings, but behaviour is a choice which has effects and consequences.

Year 5 – Values Versus Violence

This journal was developed as part of an EU funded programme across five European countries. A bespoke package was created with support from the Birmingham Community Safety Partnership to meet the needs of local schools following research by police with teachers and children. Head teachers and parents were concerned at the gang and knife culture emerging in their community and wanted a way to protect their children from the risks.

Evaluation: Dr Suzanne Zeedyke – The core message that seems to be emerging from this work is that the children and young people involved come to the conclusion that they are best able to keep themselves safe by looking out for the safety of others. Building stronger relationships with others improves their own sense of safety. And the programmes empower the children by giving them knowledge about how they can actively create such environments and relationships – through actions such as kindness, respect, and friendship.

Secondary schools  – see below :  Female Genital Mutilation. This film is endorsed by the Home Office. It is advisable to view the film in the first instance to understand the content. A teachers guide is available. Click here (this will take you to Values Versus Violence website, where you can view all of the films and download teachers guides).

Series 4 covers the issues of radicalisation. Watch Over Me 4 was produced for an older audience, however, it may be helpful for background information.