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Dot Com First Adventure

Dot Songs for fun;

Miss Dorothy Dot Com (She’s a Superstar)

Miss Dorothy Dot Com (She’s a Superstar)

La La la, la la la, La la la, la la la, la la La La la, la la la, La la la, la la la, la la

If you follow me You are gonna see My message to the world on your computer screen In a super race to our favourite place Make a double click and you’re in cyberspace We shout D.O.T. dot C.O. M

Calling my name again and again

Say Hello, Hello Get ready, get set For a special girl on the Internet Say Hello, Hello Wherever you are Miss Dorothy Dot Com she’s a superstar

 Love can change the world

When there’s nowhere to run Nowhere to hide From the things that feel sad inside When you want to give up, Or maybe give in When your heart doesn’t have a song to sing Just hold on to your dreams

They will be everything One day there will be a place for you and me Where love will shine like a rainbow One day we will find together you and I that we can change the world That love can change the world So if things get too tough start bringing you down You can reach out for me I’ll be around Wherever you go Whatever you do Remember that I’ll be there for you

‘My name is Miss Dot Com’

Why don’t you come along with this millennium girl and join my internet world I can fly with Mr Mouse and I don’t ever have to leave the house I can surf and not get wet Logging on the internet Under the sea and around the moon Like a rocket from my room Do my home work, meet the crew from Tokyo to Timbuktu Nothing can catch me I’m faster than light Look at our world, it’s such a beautiful sight I can circle the sun and be home tonight

My name is Miss Dot Com My name is Miss Dot Com My name is Miss Dot Com My name is Miss Dot Com

Why do grown ups get up tight Cos they can’t work computers right We’re headed for millennium They’ve got to know this stuff by then Nothing can catch me I’m faster than light Look at our world it’s such a beautiful sight I can circle the sun and be home tonight

Miss Dot Com Miss Dot Com Why do grown ups get up tight Cos they can’t work computers right We’re headed for millennium They’ve got to know this stuff by then I call my dad a dinosaur Cos he can’t see what the fuss is for I want to teach him what to do Cos if I can do it, he can too!

Short stories from Yr3 Teachers Guide

1.    “If you can dream it – you can make it happen”

It was a really hot day with just a gentle breeze and Dot, Genie, Pearl and Slam were lying on the grass enjoying the sunshine. Puffed out after a game of football (it was Slam’s turn to choose the game that lunchtime!) they were lying on the grass, staring up at the clouds gently floating across the sky. This was another game they all enjoyed – cloud watching and pretending the clouds were like magic carpets ready to carry them away to the world of their dreams. Dot felt the sunshine on her face and the warm grass under her back and let out a big sigh…mmmm it felt lovely! “I’m going to dream about what I will become when I grow up,” she said. “I’m going to jump on that cloud and it’s going to take me to foreign countries and I’m going to report back on them, like they do on the news.” Dot giggled and jumped up holding a pretend microphone in front of her face… “This is Dorothy Com reporting on the Chinese New Year from China”. Everyone started laughing and then Genie jumped up and started twirling round and round. “My cloud took me to become one of the most famous dancers in the world,” she puffed, running out of breath as she jumped about. She twirled round Dot: “You can report on me when I’m famous if you like,” she said falling on the floor giggling. Then Pearl was up and shouting “No you’ll have to report on me because I’m going to be a scientist and a famous explorer and I’ll probably save loads of animals in far away countries..and …”

But she didn’t get to finish because Slam jumped up then,

bouncing around them all with a pretend basketball. “And it’s official,” he screamed “Slam Dunk has become the most famous basketball player in the woooorld!” Dot, Genie and Pearl started to cheer madly pretending to be fans.

They were just getting into it when he suddenly stopped. “Or do I want to be a fireman like my Dad?” He looked confused for a minute. “No it’s official. I’ll have to have two clouds because I can’t decide whether to be a famous basketball player or life-saving fireman.” He did a sudden head over heels and ended in a Superman pose.

Tommy Parker was passing by and heard them all. He made a face and said: “I want to be Dracula so I can grow up and scare you all.”

Pearl did look frightened for a minute and then Genie, quick as a flash, said: “That sounds like a horrible job – you have to stay up all night, you only get to drink blood and you have to bite people who might not have washed – yuk!” They all started laughing and Dot added: “And don’t forget if anyone has garlic it takes all your strength away and there’s plenty of that in our house.” They all giggled and Tommy scowled. “You’re all mad,” he shouted as he stomped off. They all flopped on the grass again. Then Slam, suddenly serious, said what they were all thinking: “Do you think we’re all mad dreaming about things?”. They all said no, but what Tommy Parker said had left them feeling a bit silly.

That night when Dot went to have tea with Nanny Com she told her what had happened. “Do you think we’re mad to have dreams Nan?” she said.

Nanny Com looked very serious and suddenly sat down next to her. Dot was feeling a bit worried… perhaps her Nan did think she was mad after all. But her Nan took her hand and looked her in the eye and said: “Now you listen to me Dot Com, if you can dream it, you can make it happen and don’t you ever let anyone tell you different, ok?

“It might take you a long time and it might not happen quite as you imagine it now, but you can definitely make it happen if you want to and don’t you forget it.” Dot suddenly felt excited and happy inside. It made sense, if you could dream it, then you must be able to make it happen one day. She smiled and nodded: “Yes Nan I’ll remember that, if you can dream it, you can make it happen!”

What are your dreams? What do you want to be when you grow up? Dream it and then make it happen!

Extension activity

Make dream baskets and display on classroom ceiling.


2.   ‘Wouldn’t it be boring if we were all the same’

Dot was feeling unhappy. She was in the playground when a boy who was bigger than her stood in her way and came very close to her. Dot started to feel like she had butterflies in her tummy. In front of his friends he said: “You’re a silly girl and you’ve got stupid red hair. It looks like your head’s on fire. And those glasses make you look like you’ve got four eyes.” Then he and all his friends started laughing.

Dot felt like the butterflies in her tummy were flying faster and faster, crashing into each other and her cheeks were going red. She wanted to cry, but she tried not to show that she was feeling afraid.

She decided that this boy was (a bully) bullying her and (He made her) she felt frightened and (she didn’t feel) unsafe when he was near her.

Her Nanny Com had said that if people are unkind to other people for no reason, then that means they are bullying them.

So Dot took a deep breath, stood as tall as she could and said: “Well I like my hair and my glasses help me to see, so I don’t know why you think they are so funny.” She noticed her heart was beating really fast as she turned and walked away.

That was another thing Nanny Com told her – to walk away from people who bully or who you feel unsafe with if you can. Now she was on her own she felt cold and shivery and she really felt like crying. Then Slam came along, he was her friend and he wanted her to play ball with him. He loved his basketball. But Dot was feeling so sad and empty inside that she didn’t feel like playing.

Then she remembered that Nanny Com said you could tell someone if you feel sad inside. So she decided to tell Slam what had just happened.

When Dot told Slam what the boy said about her hair and her glasses Slam smiled. He said: “Dot I think you have got lovely red hair and really cool glasses and just think how boring it would be if we all looked the same. “Imagine if every girl in our class looked like you Dot and every boy in the class looked like me. There’d be rows and rows of Dot Coms and Slam Dunks – wouldn’t that be weird and boring!”

Dot imagined the class full of children who looked just like her and Slam and suddenly she started to giggle and so did Slam. They laughed and laughed until tears started to run down their cheeks. The butterflies in her tummy had been replaced with a warm, fuzzy feeling.

“You’re so right Slam,” said Dot. “It would be really silly if we all looked the same. I’m so glad I told you what happened, I felt really sad before and now I feel better.”

“Good,” said Slam, “does that mean you feel like playing ball now?” Dot grabbed the ball and threw it in the air for Slam to catch. Yes she did feel like playing now, she felt happy inside. But she decided she would tell her teacher what happened just in case the boys who tried to bully her did the same to other children in the class and they ended up feeling sad and unsafe too.

3.   ‘Being responsible’

The playground was noisy as ever. Skipping ropes flying, everyone running around and having fun. Slam was practising his dribbling skills for basketball. Dot always felt like laughing when she heard Slam talking about his dribbling skills. In football dribbling was being able to run while carefully kicking the ball along, but it always made Dot think about a big bit of dribble on someone’s chin!

Slam was shouting for her to watch him, but there was so much shouting she couldn’t really hear. She tried to listen harder and that was when she realised that she really could hear someone shouting “help”. Dot grabbed Pearl, Slam’s sister. “Can you hear someone shouting help?”, she said.

They both listened hard and realised that the sound was coming from behind the caretaker’s shed.

They ran over and stopped for a minute because the caretaker’s hut was behind the yellow lines and in their school you had to stay inside the yellow lines in the playground to make sure you stayed safe. But as they stood there they heard the shout even louder. They stopped for a moment to think about what they could do.

“I know,” said Dot. “Let’s run and tell the dinner lady, she’ll be able to help.” They ran like the wind and found Mrs Jury who was always kind to them and was good at listening. When she heard that someone was shouting for help, she ran over to the caretaker’s hut with them. Dot knew she must be feeling worried, because Mrs Jury wasn’t very good at running and she

didn’t do it often. They watched Mrs Jury go behind the hut and then they heard her shout: “Dot come and help me and Genie run to the head teacher’s office and tell him that there’s been an accident.”

Dot raced round the back of the hut and saw Bongani lying on the floor. He had fallen out of his wheelchair and he was crying. Bongani was one of her best friends and she felt really sad to see him lying on the floor. Mrs Jury knew what to do and she felt pleased that she and Genie had called her. Mrs Jury always helped people feel better and safe when they had fallen over. She also believed you and helped you come up with ideas about what you could do if you had a worry.

“How did it happen Bongani?,” said Dot. Bongani shook his head and looked really sad. “I just fell,” he said, “It was an accident.” Dot felt really surprised because Bongani was so cool in his wheelchair – he could race along and play basketball with Slam he was so clever. She couldn’t think how he had fallen. But Mrs Jury said he wasn’t badly hurt, just a bit shaken and they would soon have him cleaned up. Although Dot was feeling worried about Bongani, she and Genie felt very proud because Mrs Jury told the headmaster that they had been very responsible by looking after their friend and telling an adult he needed help.

When have you helped your friends? How do you feel when you have been able to help?



4.   ‘When your feelings take control’

There was a big pain in Dot’s tummy and something funny was happening in her chest. Her heart was racing and she really wanted to lift up her hand and slap Tommy Parker really hard. He had taken her ruler three times that day and when Mrs Redman wasn’t looking he had just pinched her hard. She was going to do it this time, she really was going to slap him, he deserved it. But then Mrs Redman came over and started looking at her picture and as she started talking to Mrs Redman the pain in her tummy started to get a bit better and her heart stopped leaping around in her chest. Lucky Mrs Redman had come along or she could have got herself in trouble and now she was feeling calmer she realised that getting into trouble by choosing to slap Tommy Parker wasn’t the safe thing to do. But she decided she would have to talk to someone on her network helping hand about what was happening in her body and what she had almost chosen to do. She decided to talk to Nanny Com, because she was good at listening and helping Dot when things were going wrong. Nanny sometimes picked her up from school when mum was busy working when she finished class. She told Nanny Com about wanting to slap Tommy Parker and about those funny pains in her tummy and her chest. Nanny Com listened and nodded as she and Dot sat down by the fire. It was really cold outside and the fire was lovely. Her Nanny’s house always helped her feel warm and safe. “Right Dot Com,” said Nanny. “I want you to shout as loud as you can for me.” Dot looked at her Nanny in amazement. Nanny smiled encouragingly “Go

on shout really loud for me.” Dot thought Nanny Com was acting a bit strange, but she decided to risk on purpose and have a go. She took a deep breath and shouted really loud. “Aaaagggghhhhh..,” Wizard, who was asleep in front of the fire, nearly jumped out of his skin and started barking madly. Nanny started to laugh.

“There you are,” she said. “That is your voice Dot Com and there’s nothing wrong with it, it works really well, just ask Wizard,” she said patting him after his fright. “That is your voice and you want to use it. When someone takes something that belongs to you without asking first that’s when you need to use your voice and not these,” she said waggling Dot’s fists for her. “Those pains that you had in your body were your feelings and your feelings were starting to take control. When you want to slap someone that’s because your feelings have taken over and are telling you what to do. You have to listen to your feelings, but don’t let them take charge. You make sure that you are in control. “When Tommy Parker takes your ruler next time, tell him he needs to ask if he wants to borrow it. And if he, or anyone else for that matter, pinches or hurts you, you need to tell someone on your network helping hand. That’s called ‘Protectively Interrupting’ as it stops people doing something that can be unsafe. Dot thought for a moment and said

‘Of course, I wonder why I didn’t think of that at the time?’ Nanny Com explained that sometimes when we feel really strongly about something it can be really hard to think straight and that’s when remembering our safe place can help us feel calmer so we can think clearly

again and then choose to do something that keeps us and others safe. “Ah”, said Dot, “that’s why when Mrs Redman came and spoke to me I started to feel calmer – Mrs Redman has such a soft and kind voice she reminds me of how my Safe Place feels. So that’s why I realized that slapping Tommy would not be the safe thing to do”.

“Spot on”, said Nanny Com and explained that if you learn to listen to your early warning signs like when something gives you a pain in your heart or your tummy then the feelings are less likely to take control. And when you can talk about those feelings with someone it can help you to feel much better – much safer!

Dot thought about how she liked feeling safe by Nanny Com’s fire and decided that she would learn to use her voice. It was much better to talk with someone rather than have feelings rushing round your body that meant you might feel like wanting to slap someone.

Can you write or draw about your feelings? What happens in your body when your feelings take control? Do you want to stamp your feet or throw things? What (makes) helps you to feel safe? Have you ever had your feelings take control?

5.   ‘Secrets’

Dot felt worried about her friend. Ever since Bongani had fallen out of his wheelchair he had stopped smiling.

In the past, Bongani always seemed to be smiling and laughing, so it seemed really strange to see him looking so sad. He had been acting really sad too since the accident. She had asked him and asked him what was wrong and he just said “nothing” and zoomed off in his wheelchair every time she tried to talk to him, so she had given up. She guessed it must have been really horrible to fall over like that and Nanny Com says that sometimes people get better as time passes. Dot hoped he would. But then something else strange happened. At play time Slam grabbed her hand and said he had to tell her a secret. Dot loved secrets, like birthday surprises, and she smiled when she remembered the time that Wizard was a puppy and did a tiddle on the carpet. She had helped her dad clear it up and they kept it a secret so mum wouldn’t feel cross.

She and Slam huddled together. “Come on then,” said Dot, “what’s the secret? I can’t wait.” Slam shuffled his feet a bit and Dot thought he was never going to tell. “Well,” he said, “I don’t know what to do, I found out that Bongani didn’t fall out of his wheelchair, he was pushed.” Dot’s eyes were wide like saucers. “What do you mean he was pushed?” she said. “How do you know?”

“Well, Tommy Parker was boasting about it before school today and I heard him. He was laughing and saying that he had pushed Bongani’s chair over and

he had fallen out and he thought it was really funny.” Dot felt her feelings rising up again in her chest. She felt really angry and her face went red and hot. “But that’s really horrible, Slam,” she said. “Why didn’t he tell us?”

“I guess he’s feeling frightened,” said Slam “or he doesn’t want anyone to know and now I don’t know what to do.”

“I do,” said Dot. “We have to tell Mrs Redman because that is not a good secret Slam and we have to help Bongani. They might do it to him again if we don’t tell.” Slam didn’t much like the idea of telling Mrs Redman but he agreed to help Dot and they went to see her together. Mrs Redman said they did the right thing and she felt very proud of them. Tommy Parker was sent to the head teacher’s office and Bongani has started smiling again because he’s not afraid anymore.

Has anyone told you a good secret? Have you felt scared at school? Have you had to tell anyone about a secret that you didn’t feel safe about?


Introduction Letter

You can download an Introduction Letter to send to parents when you start the Dot Com programme. This is an editable Word document, please feel free to amend as necessary.

Teacher’s Guides

You can download Teacher’s Guides here

Introducing the Characters

Dot’s Friends and Family

 Dot No World Hi my name is Miss Dorothy Com – but all my friends call me Dot. Just so you know a bit about me, I love reading and writing stories and I love computers. I have my own website with a bit of help from the adults who are on my ‘helping hand’ network which is really fun. I don’t know about you, but sometimes I feel worried about how I look and what other people think about me. I also worry about what I am going to do when I grow up and where I am going to live and how I will make enough money to look after myself, but then I feel cross with myself because I think worrying doesn’t help. My Nanny Com says the best thing to do if you’re feeling worried is to make a plan about how you can help yourself. So this book will help us all to think about how we can help ourselves and others to make the best of our lives.

Love Dot xx

My friends

is my best friend at school and she lives in my road. She loves fashion and is always cheerful which is fun, because sometimes I am a bit serious! Her Mum and Dad are both doctors.
pearl_quads newSLAM
and Slam are brother and sister and also go to my school. Slam got his nickname because he wants to be a basketball player even though he’s really not tall enough! Their Dad is a firefighter and is divorced from their Mum. They stay with their Granny a lot because of this and sometimes they feel sad about the divorce.
 Mrs Redman
Mrs Redman
is my teacher and she is really kind to all of us. It’s really great because we know we can trust her to talk about anything which we might feel worried about. Mrs Redman reminds us that we all have the right to feel safe all the time and that we can talk with someone about anything, even if it feels awful or small.
 PC Tim Bonnett
PC Tim Bonnett
also comes to my school and sometimes he brings Bobby the police dog. I know that his job in the community is to keep us all safe.
Bongani My friend Bongani gets around in a wheel chair because he can’t walk, but he is super fit and healthy because he plays wheelchair basketball! Bongani is amazing at helping you remember to think positively about what you can do, rather than worrying about what you can’t do. Bongani was born in South Africa and Nelson Mandela is his role model.
is in my class and she works really hard in lessons. She is quiet and very kind so everyone seems to like her. Because her family is Muslim she wears head scarves – I think they are really pretty.
and Becky are brother and sister. They go to my school and they have a tough time sometimes because their dad is in prison. Their dad did something wrong, but he feels sorry now. They know it is not their fault and they are looking forward to the day he is allowed to come home.