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A new life for Bongani Animal blessings Being responsible
A scary walk home If you can dream it – you can make it happen Helping others around the world I’m not special – Oh yes you are!
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Introduction Letter

You can download an Introduction Letter to send to parents when you start the Dot Com programme. This is an editable Word document, please feel free to amend as necessary.

Teacher’s Guides

You can download Teacher’s Guides here

Introducing the Characters

Dot’s Friends and Family

 Dot No World Hi my name is Miss Dorothy Com – but all my friends call me Dot. Just so you know a bit about me, I love reading and writing stories and I love computers. I have my own website with a bit of help from the adults who are on my ‘helping hand’ network which is really fun. I don’t know about you, but sometimes I feel worried about how I look and what other people think about me. I also worry about what I am going to do when I grow up and where I am going to live and how I will make enough money to look after myself, but then I feel cross with myself because I think worrying doesn’t help. My Nanny Com says the best thing to do if you’re feeling worried is to make a plan about how you can help yourself. So this book will help us all to think about how we can help ourselves and others to make the best of our lives.

Love Dot xx

My friends

is my best friend at school and she lives in my road. She loves fashion and is always cheerful which is fun, because sometimes I am a bit serious! Her Mum and Dad are both doctors.
pearl_quads newSLAM
and Slam are brother and sister and also go to my school. Slam got his nickname because he wants to be a basketball player even though he’s really not tall enough! Their Dad is a firefighter and is divorced from their Mum. They stay with their Granny a lot because of this and sometimes they feel sad about the divorce.
 Mrs Redman
Mrs Redman
is my teacher and she is really kind to all of us. It’s really great because we know we can trust her to talk about anything which we might feel worried about. Mrs Redman reminds us that we all have the right to feel safe all the time and that we can talk with someone about anything, even if it feels awful or small.
 PC Tim Bonnett
PC Tim Bonnett
also comes to my school and sometimes he brings Bobby the police dog. I know that his job in the community is to keep us all safe.
Bongani My friend Bongani gets around in a wheel chair because he can’t walk, but he is super fit and healthy because he plays wheelchair basketball! Bongani is amazing at helping you remember to think positively about what you can do, rather than worrying about what you can’t do. Bongani was born in South Africa and Nelson Mandela is his role model.
is in my class and she works really hard in lessons. She is quiet and very kind so everyone seems to like her. Because her family is Muslim she wears head scarves – I think they are really pretty.
and Becky are brother and sister. They go to my school and they have a tough time sometimes because their dad is in prison. Their dad did something wrong, but he feels sorry now. They know it is not their fault and they are looking forward to the day he is allowed to come home.