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Dionne Warwick – Global Ambassador for Dot Com programme

Dionne Warwick  is an American singer, actress and television show host, who became UN Global Ambassador and a United States Ambassador of Health.

She ranks among the 40 biggest hit makers of the entire rock era. In September she attended an event in London to support the Dot Com Charity. See her interview on Good Morning

England Footballer Jermaine Defoe looks at different types of bullying behaviour in the football world. Young footballers in acadamies tell of their experiences.

Short clips from the series ‘Watch Over Me’

vvv14Self Worth vvv15Doing the Right Thing vvv16Robbery vvv17Argument
vvv18Sorry vvv19Love? vvv20Weapons vvv21Making Mistakes

Speaking Up


Stand Your Ground





vvv01What Are Values vvv02Valuing Yourself vvv03Team Building vvv04Who Helps Form Our Values?
vvv05Forgiveness vvv06Value of Friendship vvv07Verbal Abuse vvv08Gangs
vvv09Threats and Knives vvv10Stop and Search vvv11Internet Friends vvv12Team Work

More in depth short documentaries


Living together

Values verses violence

Sarah’s Story – A film which uncovers the issues around ‘self-harming’.


  (Caution) Looking at the effects of Domestic violence. This film contains a distressing scenes.

A look at issues in a community where a young student has been radicalised


’CUT’ – Some Wounds Never Heal’ is a free resource for schools. It reveals what lies behind a community practice that’s increasingly common here, as more families arrive from areas where what used to be called ‘female circumcision’ is practised.

Known more often as “cutting” among the communities where it is traditionally carried out, the procedure involves partial or complete removal of a young girl’s external sexual organs, often followed by the stitching up of that part of the body. It is a practice that stretches back to the time of the Pharaohs in Egypt – as evidence from burial sites shows – and is thought to be required if a girl is to be marriageable, as proof of her “purity”.