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I am writing to inform you about some exciting new opportunities being offered by the Dot Com Children’s Foundation.
As the charity has grown the demand for training and support for vulnerable children and families has increased. There have also been many schools who wish to use the programme and have no way to fund it.
So listening to all the feedback the charity is now offering a new training menu of services and a free resource and a licensed resource that schools can purchase.
Below is our new menu of services to support schools and if you would like to register with Dot Com as a member of the Dot Com group of schools you will be sent details of how to purchase our annual license at £500  to access resources to print for children and schools may also register to receive the free safeguarding resources if they complete a need analysis phone call.



For more information please call 07342246867 




Training Menu

Package 1

Full Training Package

This will provide a Half-Day (morning or afternoon session) intensive Dot Com overview to include the following:

Setup of programme


Teaching methods

Safeguarding links

Curriculum overviews and Mapping

Safeguarding Audit 

OFSTED requirements

Opportunities for Q and A

Total Cost:​​​£350.00

Package 2

Twilight Staff Training Session

This training session includes the following:

Setup of Programme


Teaching methods

Safeguarding links

Opportunities for Q and A.

Total Cost:​​​£225.00

Assemblies and Parent introduction and Workshops

Dot Com Safeguarding Assemblies

A visit from Wizard the Dog and a Dot Com facilitator will create an unforgettable assembly experience for the school. Three sessions tailored for years 1/2 then 3/4 and finally an assembly for years 5/6 to help them address issues to support their transition and choices they can make for their future will embed the Dot Com programme.  

Total Cost:​​​£200.00


Parent Safeguarding Session

Will provide Parent /carers with an introduction to the programme and the safeguarding issues addressed by the resources. An opportunity to look at the resources and ask questions about their safeguarding concerns. This will be delivered by one of the Dot Com Team.

Total Cost:​​​£200

Refresher Training

This is a session that can be provided at anytime for new members of staff by Skype or on an annual basis for a coordinator upon re-ordering.

Total Cost:​​​£150.00

Full Day Vulnerable Families Support 

Two Dot Com safeguarding trainers experienced in family life coaching will provide support with regards to working with vulnerable children through the Dot Com Getting to know you programme. This will involve a needs analysis workshop safeguarding session for the senior leadership team to discuss their most serious safeguarding issues. It will also include one to one work with individual children and parents who need greater support and this will provide staff with the tools to help children who are in danger of exclusion or who are displaying behaviours that are distressing. 

Total Cost:​​​£795.00

Additional Follow Up Day £400

Additional Sessions Available

Additional training on Dot Com overviews can be provided for:


Support Staff

Lunchtime Supervisors

Total Cost:​​​£175.00

Parent Workshop 6-Week Programme 

Working with families on a 6-week programme using the Family Values Journal. Staff will receive an initial meeting with a Dot Com Coordinator to plan the sessions; there will be 3 sessions in total. The First and Final session will be supported by the Coordinator. Evaluations with regards to the sessions will be produced by the Dot Com staff and certificates will be provided for all participants.

Total Cost:​​​£600

How this started by Sharon Evans…

In November 1995 I was on my way to the BBC television studios to present the London news when I braked and hit black ice. The car spun out of control and I hit another vehicle travelling towards me head on. The impact was horrific and I lost consciousness. When I came round I was literally not sure whether I was alive or dead. Strangely I was not afraid and would even say there was a feeling of peace around me. Visions of the life I had lived flashed before my eyes and two thoughts overwhelmed me. One was sadness that I would not see my husband again and the other was a feeling of huge disappointment that I had not used my life to make a difference to the world.

I felt that I had done some good in my career as a journalist and news presenter, but it was not nearly enough. In that moment, I made a promise to God, that if I lived that I would change my life. I vowed that I would use my journalistic skills differently to try to bring about change in the world for children.

This idea was also important to me because up until this point I had tried to forget my traumatic childhood. But in this moment it became clear to me that I could use my experiences along with my writing and presentation skills to help children. Until this time in my life nobody knew that my grandfather was a paedophile and at the age of 3 began sexually abusing me. My father was also very violent and beat my mother on a regular basis, so I also witnessed extreme violence in my home. I suffered this until I was 7 when my Mother finally left my father fearing that he would kill her.

At that point I couldn’t read or tell the time because of the trauma I was suffering and I had always been labelled as a ‘remedial’ pupil. Literally nobody knew what was happening to me and I had no way of understanding how I could escape from the nightmare. I just kept wishing that some grown up would help. In school I couldn’t understand why nobody knew and I didn’t know how to tell.
My husband Neil wanted to help children because of his experiences as a Metropolitan Police Officer. During the course of his job he had to tell parents that their child had died either through crime or accidents. Often he could see that if the child had been better informed about the risks they might not have made the mistakes that lead to their death.

Just the year before my car crash, Neil also had a near death experience. He was almost killed in a riot against the Criminal Justice Bill in Park Lane. During the fighting an anarchist climbed to the top of a gate and dropped a paving stone from a great height on his head. He was lucky to survive the impact and it took us a long time to recover physically from these traumatic experiences. However they certainly gave us a wake up call about what matters in life. We pledged to do more with the skills we had and to try to make a difference to the lives of others.