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Neil helped design and create the Dot Com programme with Sharon, his wife, after he was retired from the Metropolitan Police in 2000.

Neil suffered a serious head injury in a riot at Park Lane, against the proposed introduction of the Criminal Justice Bill. During Neil’s 20-year career in the police, he was a firearms officer and an instructor in the use of specialist weapons. Neil also trained officers in ways to stay safe and manage riot situations.

Neil attended many critical incidents in London, including the poll tax riots, the Tottenham riots, the Clapham train crash and the bombing of the Carlton Club. Through all this, Neil saw first-hand the effects of such violence on children and their families.

Before leaving the police, Neil also spent time in community policing and was mentioned in Hansard for his innovative work with young people on a London council estate. Neil was twice commended by the Police Commissioner for bravery, in one instance having protected the Queen Mother from harm.

Following his retirement, Neil set up and managed a hostel for homeless and vulnerable families in Richmond. It was there that Neil realised the many serious issues that impact on the lives of small children and teenagers.

Drawing on all these life experiences, Neil worked with Sharon and the police to create a programme that helps protect children and give them the tools to deal with risky situations: a task that is continually evolving to meet the new challenges that are faced by today’s children.

Neil is now a proud Dad of twins, which has made him even more committed to ensuring the Dot Com programme reaches every child in the UK.