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Kally’s involvement in Dot Com began in June 2014, having been introduced to the charity and Sharon and Neil through a mutual supporter and fundraiser of the charity.

Kally arranges and provides training in schools to staff including teaching, management and administrative staff, who are interested in implementing or supporting the Dot Com programme. Kally also supports the National Co-ordinator in delivering training and in developing and updating training packages for the programme.

Prior to joining Dot Com, Kally was employed as a full time lecturer and Learning Director at Derby College. Kally was responsible for teaching business and finance to undergraduate students, and the management and standardisation of the curriculum within the Business Studies department.

Kally was one of the appointed Child Protection Officers at Derby College and had the responsibility to ensure that all staff were trained and briefed on child safety issues. This included the proper monitoring and recording of all relevant issues of child safety. In addition to this, Kally has a Mediation Practitioners Qualification.

Outside of work, Kally enjoys travelling and has been to many countries on her wish list. In her spare time, Kally enjoys going to concerts and has a passion for films and theatre, especially musicals.