As the charity has grown the demand for training and support for vulnerable children and families has increased. There have also been many schools who wish to use the programme and have no way to fund it.

 So listening to all the feedback the charity is now offering a new training menu of services, a free resource and a licensed resource that schools can purchase and download.

If you would like to register with Dot Com as a member of the Dot Com group of schools you will be sent details of how to purchase our annual license at £500  to access resources to print for children and schools may also register to receive the free safeguarding resources if they complete a need analysis phone call.

Printed Journals can still be ordered from the online shopify service at a cost of £150 per class.

 For more information please call 07342246867 

What children say

Dot Com is a recommended PSHSE resource supported by the Home Office. It is a ‘safeguarding tool’ to raise awareness and keep pupils safe from the dangers of abuse, sexual exploitation, radicalisation and extremism. It promotes children’s rights and fundamental British values. The programme will undoubtedly, help schools comply with the new legislation ‘Keeping Children Safe in Education’ and will give schools evidence that the children are being taught how to stay safe. The school can use this as part of their statutory risk assessment and as evidence for OFSTED that they are preparing children for life.


Teachers reported that the puppet was hugely successful in reaching children who are emotionally distant and find communication about their feelings almost impossible. They reported that the children were not only encouraged to engage in the lessons and tell Dot about their feelings in class, but they would go to the back of the room at times when they felt distressed in lessons or after play time and they would whisper their problems to Dot.